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Hopefully, we are happily starting our second week of Scorpio. So far, so good! This week starts with a moon in joyful Sagittarius and we can.
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The 9th House is the area of life dealing with changes, exploration, and the breaking of routine. The 10th House is the area of life dealing with career, social stature, and destiny. The 11th House is the area of life dealing with the future, life goals, and association with friends and groups.

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The 12th House is the area of life dealing with things that disrupt or cause disassociation with the personality. Planets represent various parts of one's mind or self The Sun represents one's spirit, ego, image of self, and sense of aliveness. The Moon represents one's emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies. Mercury represents one's thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity. Venus represents one's creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs.

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Mars represents one's will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies. Jupiter represents one's enthusiastic, faithful, wise, expansive, spontaneous nature.

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Saturn represents one's part of mind that is disciplined, respectful, and solitary. Uranus represents one's individuality, desires for change, and tendency to go against social norms. Neptune represents one's intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, psychic nature. Pluto represents one's destiny, and capacity to transform the self and the outer world. Chiron represents one's ability to help, heal, and teach others, and where one has much experience. Ceres represents one's tendency to direct energy to instinctive, creative, reproductive goals. Pallas Athena represents one's tendency to direct energy away from emotional and into mental pursuits.

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We've sent an email to something something. The astrological month of Scorpio, or as it is called in Hebrew, Mar-Cheshvan , is the Left column water sign, and is ruled by the planet Mars Ma'adim and the celestial body Pluto. In more recent times, additional planets and astrological bodies have been discovered, and as a result, have been found to bear influence on the signs. Scorpio, therefore, has two ruling planets: Mars as stated in The Book of Formation and Pluto discovered in Kabbalistic astrology, however, focuses on the seven traditional planets. All water signs are emotional, but Scorpios are particularly irrational when it comes to their emotions.


They go to extremes, in both positive and negative respects. There is only black and white in the world of the Scorpio; no gray areas. If you are not their friend, then you are by default their enemy, and you will most definitely be treated that way. As the Left Column of the water signs, Scorpios have a tremendous desire for power and control, and seek these at any cost. They do not waver, they do not falter, and they stay their course with total determination and strength, which can sometimes result in unnecessary force and violence. Mars, which rules the month of Scorpio, is the planet and not coincidentally the Greek god of war , which makes Scorpios warriors who have the drive to eliminate their enemy no matter what.

Pluto rules life and death, as well as the power and energy of the seed, which manifests as new life. Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means that they do not like change and want total control over their lives and the lives of those around them. Their greatest fear is to lose control. In the Scorpio world of extremes, love is everything.

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If they feel their love is not reciprocated, this love can turn into hate. It is very difficult for Scorpios to forgive and forget. The typical Scorpio will not rest until he has his revenge.

This is the hardest Tikun correction of Scorpios - to control the urge to avenge, and instead to live, love and let go. Mar-Cheshvan , in Hebrew means "bitter Cheshvan ". However, it can be transformed into Ram Cheshvan , which means "elevated Cheshvan". Our job throughout the month, therefore, is to transform that which is bitter into sweet, that which is lowly into lofty. It takes a strong consciousness and self-control to achieve this transformation.

It is not easy to make the dark forces completely white.

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Scorpios are very good businesspeople. They like money because it gives them control and power. They are very good politicians, doctors, physiologists, astrologers, and financiers. They have a powerful intuition, along with strong mystical and spiritual powers.

If a Scorpio chooses a life of crime, they can end up being the most lethal and ruthless members of their crime family. The Great Flood took place in the month of Scorpio. Noah's generation was corrupt and God saw no other way but to destroy it completely with the flood. Only Noah, his family, and a pair of all of Earth's creatures remained alive because of the protection provided by the Ark. View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. The Kabbalah Centre of Toronto Event creator. Events you might like:. Spirituality Seminar. Share this event.

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