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Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian, intellectual Likes: Fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation, listening.

ARIES 🌙 STYLE (Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika)

Style Qualities:. A free spirit at heart, you like adding a whimsical flair to your wardrobe.

The Aries Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

Oh, you free-spirited, fun-loving gal, you. Not only do people gravitate towards your good natured humor, your love of life and warm personality, but they get serious style FOMO from you, too. Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical Likes: Enjoys quiet time, sleeping, music, romance, visual media, swimming, spiritual themes Style Qualities:.

You can go from 0 to , real quick with your style —in all the right ways. This year focus on your basics so you can keep up the good work. Strengths : Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic Likes: Taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports Style Qualities:.

Aries Personality: March 21 - April 20

Do you have a fashion blog yet? A Taurus is always fashion-forward and loves to make a statement with their daily style. This year, look to wow pieces with impact that can stand the test of time.

Strengths: Dependable, patient, pragmatic, responsible Likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with your hands Style Qualities. Never a wallflower, a Gemini takes pleasure in wearing pieces that turn heads and have people asking questions.

And, where did you get that? This is your year to take proportion play, volume and silhouette experimentation to a whole new level. Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas Likes: Music, books, magazines, chats with nearly anyone, short trips around the town Style Qualities:. Always count on a Cancer to be the most overdressed in the room!

This year, challenge yourself and pair your sharpest essentials with relaxed staples—like a borrowed from the boys button-up or a blouse with a bohemian twist. Not in ways that make you become self-obsessed, but instead ways that help you become more self-aware, grounded, and connected to your inner being.

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The new moon in Aries is your invitation to move towards your professional dreams—daring you to try something new and challenging. Only you know the professional desires that burn deep within you. Only you know what you have always wanted to do, experience, or become in this world.

Aries Horoscope: About The Aries Zodiac Sign

And only you can decide that your professional dreams are worth pursuing and putting your all into. The new moon in Aries is your invitation to actively move towards your professional dreams, especially the ones that require you to risk being uncomfortable, demand that you be determined, and dare you to try something new and challenging. It takes a certain amount of bravado and confidence to do so—something Aries has in excess. So when in doubt this month, borrow a little spark from this confident, fiery new moon.


Because this new moon wants us to take on something substantial—something we'll feel proud of accomplishing—it asks a little extra from us. Doing what is equally exciting and difficult will give you the most satisfying results. The more sincere you are about what that means for you at this point in your professional life, the clearer and more direct you can be in your pursuit of your goals. Aries is full up on flirtatious energy—the perfect excuse if you need one! This sign is known for its bold and daring style. Scorpio adds magnetism to your feisty energy.

An unexpected monetary profit is guaranteed. Venus in Libra produces a mixed effect on health but is ultimately beneficial for you, and especially for students. Mars in Capricorn can bring solemn, heavy energy, which is useful for planning future endeavours.

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