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Some tools Rick and Jeff provide include: -In-depth forecasts for that tell you what to really expect and how to deal with the core areas of your life-love, career, money, health, home, and personal and spiritual growth -Concise forecasts for August to December containing a summary and mini-calendar for each month -Unique month-at-a-glance journal-calendar of the major astrological events for your sign, with Key Dates and high-energy Super Nova Days -Secrets to your romantic compatibility with every sign in the zodiac -A free personalized horoscope coupon code from Tarot.

Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for June 2019

About Rick Levine Highly respected astrologers, sought-after consultants, and frequent lecturers Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer have each authored countless magazine articles and books, and appeared on radio and TV programs. Together, they co-founded StarIQ. Rick writes Tarot.

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Jeff writes weekly romance horoscopes for Tarot. He is a co-founder of the Association for Astrological Networking. They both live in Redmond, WA. They are one of the world's most successful divination sites.

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Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. Follow us. Taking time for each other is the key for harmony at home. The fiery Leo Moon beams in your sign today, encouraging you to feel confident and even a little audacious, especially at work. Instead, hold out a proverbial olive branch before you use a stick to safeguard your independence too passionately.

The first step toward manifesting your dreams is in daring to dream them in the first place. Sometimes, you can block your own blessings by refusing to let your mind be wild with expectation and adventure. Some of your ideas might lead you to change how you express yourself. Other thoughts could affect how you earn your money. But everything happens from challenging yourself to become more. Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Perhaps you discover that empowering others boosts your spirits, too.


Positivity, like love, boomerangs back to you when you let it fly free. Delivering on what you advertise and promise is a sign of your personal commitment. You may feel emboldened as the provocative Leo Moon highlights your 10th House of Career and Aspiration. But your certainty of your capabilities and positive assessment of your own maverick qualities could come across as arrogant today. Knowing who you are is confidence.

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All you need to do is allow your work to speak for itself. You yearn to break up the humdrum of your routines with adventure and exploration. Your wandering imagination drives you to try new foods, exotic tours, or innovative angles from which to view the world. Let your curiosities and passions roar fiercely now. The potential for a crisis infuses you with a passion that helps avert it. Standing your ground is wise because your adrenaline pushes your creative juices to flow as you instinctively strategize a solution.

Act like a boss and handle the issue with aplomb and clarity. Poet E.

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Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway. Avoid a knee-jerk reaction to a significant change at work. But consider the change as a gift at first, even if you must struggle to wrap your mind around this kind of thinking. Once you are willing to adapt to the new circumstances, you can find a positive spin to make the most of the situation. Connecting with coworkers who feel as you do helps you become an integral team player and creates a better work environment than sounding out alone.

Unity is power. Thread together new elements in a creative manner. For instance, a complex project inspires you to create a better filing system or a detour on your commute to work directs you to another path that pares down your travel time.

Experimentation expands your mind and widens your world.